30 days to publish your own book?

Yes. It can be super duper real.

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This experience will be FULL of actual steps you can take to create more freedom in your life by publishing your own books.
I will not waste your time with theory or fluff.

Refresh your business model and book writing goals before the end of the year
by learning the art of self-publishing.

In May of 2013, through a lot of guesswork and trial + error, I officially published my first print book. At the time, I was teaching business classes for adults at a local University. I would print tons of loose pages of my writing plus several checklists and bundle them all together in binders for my students. 

I knew that publishing a book I could make available worldwide, but still sell to students in class was the best idea.

It took A LOT of work, but I was so proud of my finished work. Without a website to promote it, or an email list, or even really knowing if what I was doing was going to work or not, my first book started earning me a consistent income. I used it in three classes I taught in person, and it even began to be used by small colleges as a text book in their small business courses. Say what?!

Let's fast forward to December of 2014. I got much smarter with my second book. By this time, I had built a reputable, clean website ( to publish regular business advice from, and had grown my Instagram account following and email list to 1,600 people each. 

I decided to create a tool that I felt would directly and completely fill a need for most of the business and blogger ninjas that I was connecting with online. A business plan + editorial plan + calendar in one. Enter Epic Blog.

In it's first month, this self-published tool made $2934.91.

Over $2600 came from sales in the U.S., but the book was also selling in Europe--and I wasn't doing any shipping or handling.

I'm no magician, my ninja friend. It was the right tool at the right time, using some effective channels and promotion. And I've set up this FREE roadmap and workshop so I can tell you all about what I did, what I've helped other people do, and what you too can get started in if publishing your own book is one of your goals. Obviously, each person's results will vary, and my roadmap is not a formula that you have to stick to rigidly. You'll be learning key concepts that you can apply to your own unique brand.

And to answer the question that may or may not be on your mind . . . this same book still sells well without crazy maintenance or promotion on my end. It regularly brings in $25,000 to over $30,000 per year.

This one book has completely changed my lifestyle and business. That's why I'm so passionate about teaching how to start self-publishing as a business model. Not all my books sell this well, but I'm able to create consistent sales from all of them. If this is something you have been thinking about adding to your business model, join me for this free training and roadmap.

It's time to learn self-publishing as a business model. For real. For FREE.

Register for FREE with the form at the bottom of this site. I will send you an immediate confirmation email and a worksheet to help you get ready for the event on Sunday, July 23 at 6 p.m. Central (U.S. time). I will also send you another email before the online event you can attend from your couch . . . or favorite coffee shop.

How does the Profitable Publishing Roadmap work?

In addition to a "ticket" to Sunday's free event, on Sunday, I will send you a link to download the Profitable Publishing Roadmap--a 30-step checklist of the self-publishing process in a way that makes it manageable and monetized (not just a huge time suck).

After you register, I'll also tell you about the Founder's Edition of a program I'm running that helps people master list or group building, live teaching, and creating a signature workshop, challenge, or self-published book.




If you won't be able to watch at the live broadcast time, you can still register below. You will have access to the replay of the workshop for 48 hours, but only if you register below. It's best to attend the live event if you can so that you can ask questions and build relationships with other business owners and writers like you. But again, if you can't attend live, sign up below for 2-day access to the replay.

What are we going to cover in the action-packed and ridiculously fun Profitable Publishing Roadmap Workshop?

Before our workshop begins, you will receive a quick homework assignment to help you stay organized during the workshop. 

Then, in the 2-hour (give or take) event, we will cover:

  • Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing
  • The profit break down on eBooks and printed books in the self-publishing model I teach (where you don't have to carry inventory--so you can live anywhere and not worry about shipping and returns)
  • The 4 most profitable approaches to self-publishing--these will make things SO clear for you
  • How your self-published book can end up in bookstores (!!!)
  • The best places to use as printers and "distributors" for your book
  • An epic, evergreen funnel you can set up to sell your book
  • And more

How to Publish Your Book from Scratch, Profitably

Sunday, July 23, 3017

6 p.m. Central (U.S.)

Psst, will you please consider sharing this free event with any friends or colleagues you have who want to change their lifestyle in 2017 by publishing their own book? I appreciate your help spreading this actionable content.

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Who is this workshop best for and who are you, Regina?

Hey, I'm Regina of

I started + grew my first freelance writing business and (separately) my freelance design and web shop on the nights and weekends, while working full-time jobs. It was rough but it was wonderful.

And I get it. Fighting for yourself, your freedom, your family, and your legacy as a weekend hustler is TOUGH. Even if you work for yourself full time, it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything when you don't have passive income or low-maintenance income (like from self-published books--wink!) in place.

I want to help. I want to make sure you are not alone, late at night, Googling endlessly for this information to no avail. My years of trial + error and helping others publish their own books is best shared as an actionable workshop. And that's exactly what I've created for you. And the best part? The workshop is completely free for you.

The Profitable Publishing Roadmap is best for you if you are a motivated business owner or part-time hustler who wants to publish a book because of a key frustration or pain point you're feeling with your current business model or income structure. The information in this workshop is geared towards publishers of non-fiction content, but the majority of the information will apply to you if you plan to publish fiction (just as I do!) in the near future. I hope to see you at the free event.